Based in Silicon Valley, we are on a mission to transform the process of recruiting, cultivating, promoting, and retaining talents for organizations.

Through VDX People, organizations can unlock their employees’ potential, enabling them to work at their peak performance and realize exponential growth, extending beyond what was previously considered achievable.

This allows businesses to generate a greater return from their workforce, resulting in accelerated growth and more significant influence on their local communities.


Our single-platform PEOPLE Operating System provides business leaders with the necessary tools to help manage and develop their employees effectively.

This platform not only decreases technology costs but also saves time, allowing HR teams to reinvest it into creating a more enriching employee experience.

As a result, organizations can attract and retain talented individuals while increasing their influence as business partners.

One rich data lake enabling organization to leverage powerful people analytics.

Some customers growing human capital supported by VDX

The VDX People platform enables your company to boost Human Capital value by integrating all strategic people operations processes into one platform.

VDX People provides businesses with an integrated platform that consolidates their human resources operations, driving significant, sustained value.