Goal management and OKR 

The VDX People platform is a digital tool for creating, managing and evaluating key goals and results at the individual, team and enterprise level. It is centered on the OKR model. It is a management method based on the definition, communication of objectives and the measurement of its progress by results achieved.  This methodology was

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One-on-one Meeting Control

One-on-one meeting (1:1) One-on-one meetings already existed informally in almost all companies. But after it began to be institutionalized by high-tech companies, leading them to exceptional operating results, this methodology inspired the worldwide renewal of companies of different sizes and segments from the business world. WHAT IS IT… Basically it is the private and frequent

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Onboarding VDX People – Part 2

Customized Tracks According to The Company’s Need VDX People’s Onboarding process allows companies to customize tracks and insert specific integration packages according to their strategic objectives and market segment. A health company would have a structured routine of patient data security, emergency protocols, standards of hygiene of environments, procedures for asepsis of instruments, among others

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Onboarding VDX People

Onboarding VDX People – Part 1

FOCUS ON HIGH PERFORMANCE AND PRODUCTIVITY VALUES FOR THE COMPANY, MANAGERS AND EMPLOYEES VDX People’s digital ONBOARDING empowers companies and organizations to integrate, develop and engage employees to achieve high performance from the first day of work. Through a responsive, intuitive digital process adaptable to any context, new employees assimilate the company’s culture, procedures and

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