Employee Onboarding – A 90-day plan

60% of employees joining a new organization will require 6 to 9 months to fully onboard and deliver value. A structured 90-day onboarding process will cut that time by 50%.*

* Source: Harvard Business Review. Onboarding needs to be more.

The VDX People Onboarding: Tailored to Your Needs. Highly Intuitive.

The VDX People onboarding process makes things easier and streamlined. The result?

Your new people will learn things FIVE times faster.  

Thanks to the 100+ predefined tasks and routines listed in the platform, which helps leaders and managers set up a structured onboarding very fast. Once it is set, it will streamline the process for each function, minimizing repetitive things and radically improving employees’ onboarding experience.

How VDX People Onboarding Creates a Difference

New employee Buddy: Create New Leaders with On-the-Job Experience!

The system provides an experienced guide known as a “buddy” to mentor your new employees. The buddy will help your new employees adapt to the organization, creating a sense of belonging and helping accelerate performance. This way, the “buddy” will act as an extended support to the leader or the member.

Isn’t it an authentic leadership training and development opportunity to help your new people excel in their job?

Increase new hire retention by 82% and productivity by over 70%*

The VDX platform helps your new hires quickly navigate through values, culture, networking, vital learning, upskilling, and training and adapt to their new jobs’ social and performance aspects faster.


*According to a Glassdoor research



A Platform Tailored to Your Needs!

You can customize tracks and employee experience and insert specific tasks and procedures according to their strategy, business needs, and market segment. The best part? It is simple to personalize the tool.

Streamline Employee Onboarding and Eliminate Rework

Ready-to-use templates let your HR and management teams create their own or a combination of both in a single repository. Templates can be functional by job level, grade, and scope. As soon as you create the first, you need a single click to make the onboarding process happen.