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Nearly 80% of employees admitted that their leaders could be more efficient in tracking their performance and development to promote continued engagement. (Gallup)

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OKR: Gestão por objetivos e resultados chave

Performance management by objectives and key results (OKRs)

Give your firm the same management tools that Google, Amazon, and LinkedIn have. Delivered with agility, openness in communication, and high employee engagement in defining and achieving strategic goals.
(*)OKR. Master What Top Companies Use as a Culture to Boost Your Performance

Performance and Talent Evaluation Based On Abilities and Competencies

Time to future-proof your staff! Determine the potential of your people and their performance based on their current skills and competencies. Completely data-driven, transparent, and formative. Unbiased. The platform enables several scopes of evaluations, such as leadership development, innovation readiness, and hard and soft skills — adaptable to your teams’ requirements

Avaliação de desempenho e competências
Plano individual de desenvolvimento de carreira e performance

Individual Career and Performance Development Plan (IDP)

Create a career and performance development plan for your employees based explicitly on their evaluations’ findings, including OKRs and competencies. Keep tabs on their development and ensure they achieve goals relevant to their current job requirements and desired future positions.

1:1s and Communication for High-Performance

The platform offers a reliable way to guarantee that this crucial interaction between team members and supervisors occurs. It increases the feedback loop’s frequency, transparency, and efficiency in performance and growth. The tool compiles the schedule, outcomes, and actions from 1:1 meetings into a single repository.



A method that is structured and intelligent, providing managers and human resource operations with powerful insights into what causes turnover and how to enhance those processes.

The technology your company can count to develop a high performing organization.

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