Don’t get fired from your own company!

Demitido da própria empresa

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be fired from the company you created or to see your business sinking, not knowing what to do to save it?
This is a situation that can happen to any entrepreneur, especially if he is unable to pull changes and innovations that ensure the survival and growth of his business.
To avoid this type of situation, it is essential to have strategic vision and set clear and measurable objectives for you and your team.

Do you know how to do this efficiently and in line with your company’s mission, vision, and values?

How OKR can help me drive change and innovation

One methodology that can help you in this challenge is OKR, which stands for Objectives and Key Results, or Objectives and Key Results.
OKR is a goal management model that was created by former Intel CEO Andrew Groove, popularized by Google and that has been successful in the most disruptive companies on the planet. An OKR essentially consists of setting challenging and inspiring objectives that reflect the company’s purpose, associated with key outcomes, which are quantitative indicators that show whether the goal is being achieved or not.

For example, a goal might be “Become the benchmark in the educational technology market” and key outcomes might be “Increase revenue by 50%”, “Expand business to 2 new countries” and “Achieve 90% customer satisfaction rating”. Another example of an objective: “Increase employee productivity” with key results: “Reduce employee absenteeism by 20%”, “Have 80% performance in the overall average of OKRs” and “Achieve a minimum of 95% of on-time participation in the weekly check-in of employees.”

OKR has several advantages for entrepreneurs, such as:

  • Maintain focus and prioritize the most important actions;

  • Improve communication and alignment between teams;

  • Stimulate innovation and experimentation;

  • Promote the culture of feedback and continuous learning;

  • Accelerate the company’s growth and results.

Use a simple, efficient and effective Goal Management and OKRs solution

VDX People’s platform features a digital tool for creating, managing and evaluating key objectives and outcomes at the individual, team and company levels.
It is centered on the OKR model – a management method based on the definition, communication of objectives and the measurement of their progress by results achieved. Our platform offers a simple yet highly effective approach.

With VDX People, you can quickly and intuitively:

  • Define Objectives and Key Organizational Results, for
    teams and individuals;
  • Have full transparency in the management of goals, which is
    fundamental to obtain positive results when using OKRs;
  • Gain strategic insight through data analysis, based on
    accurate graphs and statistics;
  • Present to managers and employees deliveries of the
    expected results;
  • Make adjustments in real time so that your work produces what
    has been determined;
  • Connect OKRs with an individual
    career development and performance plan (PDI), which can make all the difference from the point of view of
    focus and employee engagement.

Lead your employees to high performance and make your company stronger.

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