High Performance – VDX People Shows the Way

VDX People was born from the dream of boosting professionals to perform their best performance in the workplace without necessarily shaping their talent to performance standards determined by leaders who do not think about creating value for the company, but only for themselves.

This dream is focused on the exponentialization of human potential that, in symbiosis with technology, will create more resilient organizations, in a constant process of innovation and reinvention.

VDX People empowers leaders and employees to come together in a reciprocal growth alliance. Alliance that begins in the selection process, goes through the critical moment of onboarding and integration of the first 90 days of work, until the realization of a goal plan, with evaluation processes and transparent and engaging rewards.

In the recruitment process it is very important that candidates participate in various interview panels. But when there is no method that allows the evaluation of candidates in a cohesive and coherent way, interference of unconscious biases in the process can occur and the risk of hiring error increases significantly.

The recruitment solution proposed by the VDX People platform helps define the talents and skills needed for each organization, suiting them to the values and culture of the company, which makes the selection process simple and accurate. With objective criteria, it aligns the different sectors responsible for recruitment so that, in line, they analyze candidates comprehensively, without losing coherence.

The immediate integration of the new employee into the company’s work environment is essential. A negative experience in the first working days is directly related to atrittion and low performance. VDX People uses technology solutions that offer a custom onboarding and integration experience in the first 90 working days, traditional or hybrid, that deliver real business impact in up to half the time it would traditionally take. For managers in various areas and for the People Potential department, process intelligence and automation can represent a reduction in the individual integration effort of each new employee. This allows People Potential managers and teams to act synergistically to spread concepts such as culture, values and people networking in a uniform way, crucial to the success of each role. In addition, it also provides tactical and operational training for each position on a single integration track.

The VDX People platform supports the process of defining smart OKRs optimized for different areas and business objectives. For example, the sales and products area has models ready to increase revenue, profits and customer experience, while the customer service area relies on concepts and goals for churn reduction.

VDX People eliminates the need to use Excel spreadsheets to measure business performance and association with each employee’s results.

Data, reports and dashboards are made available simply and quickly so that employees, leaders and companies can eliminate decisions about performance of people based on subjective aspects, unconscious biases or favoritism and thus focus on increasing the added value that the People Area brings to the business.

VDX People believes that each person has unique brilliance and potential and that there is no need to “reform” individuals before putting them on the path of high business performance. That’s why cultural, behavioral, technical and leadership fit assessment solutions clearly reveal people’s real potential. This framework, which provides an intrinsic view of the company, resembles the exponential leap that occurred when medicine began to rely on the genetic mapping of each individual to predict future diseases and thus treat them earlier to minimize their future impact. VDX People helps companies accurately diagnose where each person’s “DNA” can add greater value to the organization’s needs and employee career plan.

After a transparent performance and competencies assessment process, VDX People’s PDI model helps define each person’s growth plan, aligned with the company’s interests and strategies.

Companies that understand the importance of having teams full of life-long learners and want to institute a fair and immediate reward process to reward those who actually make it happen, should use objective data.

VDX People’s Rewards module plays just this role, putting bonus and award decisions on the same track, where all the relevant indicators for the company pass in the definition of high performance.

It makes it possible to measure the performance of its employees based on business and development goals, making, more fair and transparent, the process of identifying the most efficient people.

Does your organization crave a culture that supports innovation and high business performance? Both begin in the search, selection, onboarding and integration of people. VDX People guides your organization to the institution of a continuous route of development, skills assessment, retention and reward of the best, based on the models used by the most successful companies in the world. This will drive the achievement of your company’s goals and consequently highlight the real importance of the People Potential area, when the theme is to reinvent business.

Lead your employees to high performance and make your company stronger.

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