The importance of an inclusive evaluation system

A importância de um sistema de avaliação inclusivo

Diversity and Inclusion Policies are fundamental to ensuring rights and opportunities for all.
This agenda is very important and is increasingly in evidence, either by well-implemented policies and their positive results or by actions that have brought more setbacks than successes.

What Is It

A diversity and inclusion policy is a set of guidelines and practices that aim to ensure equal opportunities and respect for differences between people in an organization.

Here we already face a problem, because equality of opportunity depends a lot on several aspects and the journey is one of the most impactful.

As an example, a person who had the opportunity to study in the best schools and prepare to apply for a specific position will probably be more likely to succeed in winning that position than someone who did not have the same opportunity to prepare.

Still in this example, well-applied diversity and inclusion policies use, for example, evaluation systems as a means rather than an end. Inclusive assessment systems are those that allow you to assess not only a person’s background, but also to understand their full potential for learning and delivery.

How an Inclusive Evaluation System Can Make a Difference

A competency assessment is a process that measures the performance and potential of employees on a set of knowledge, skills, and attitudes expected for their position or function.

We realize that, by its definition, the assessment of competencies is an essential instrument to direct what should be analyzed and implemented in diversity and inclusion policies.

These can contribute to making decisions more fair, transparent and aligned with the values of the organization and, at the same time, provide data and feedback to improve the development and results generated by their teams.

With this mindset and concern with the development of people and achievement of high performance, VDX People has developed a Platform that allows managers to evaluate their teams fairly and use the power that data intelligence can offer them.

Our evaluation system allows managers to understand, based on reliable data, the moment of their employees through their results and, aligned with the expectations of each individual and the organization, direct them to the best path in favor of an exceptional result!

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