Onboarding VDX People – Part 1

Onboarding VDX People



VDX People’s digital ONBOARDING empowers companies and organizations to integrate, develop and engage employees to achieve high performance from the first day of work.

Through a responsive, intuitive digital process adaptable to any context, new employees assimilate the company’s culture, procedures and administrative routines fundamental to perform their functions with security, sense of belonging, success and pleasure.

VDX People’s onboarding is structured in modules that define both administrative routines, minimizing their dull aspect, such as obtaining badges, computer configuration, creating e-mail, choosing health plans, delivering personal documents, and the most complex procedures for complete integration into the organizational environment: getting to know the work team, relationship with the right people (management and superior hierarchy), culture of the organization, its strategic objectives, its values, purposes behind the business and its mission. Focusing on all employees, it has specific integration strategies for both newly hired employees and those who go through new experiences within the organization: promotions, changes of positions or functions. Its process is structured so that all employees always have as their actions the business objectives and strategic goals of the company.

In the tactical-operational module are the essential trainings related to each position, the expectation of the company for the effective management of performance and development of people in new position.

In the Networking module are mapped all employees with their respective roles, customers and partners that make up the ecosystem of the organization. From the highest to the most elementary level of relationship, this onboarding trail minimizes and even eliminates the stressful and unproductive search for “who’s who” for employees to begin performing with proficiency and productivity the assignments of their new role.

Onboarding Value – For the company and managers

For managers, the onboarding module offers a simple and objective model of internal communication, job description, business rules, governance and basic tools to perform the leadership function with excellence.

The tool is structured so that managers indicate operational goals for employees to apply their skills and skills from the first day of work, be clear about what should be done and how it should be done. In real time, managers have information about how their teams are performing. In this way they can act as true “coaches”, focused on keeping employees committed to strategic goals.

For this to happen, the system determines the appointment of an experienced employee, called “angel”, to act as a mentor to the new employee or employee in a new role. The “angel” will be the manager’s right-hand man to proactively support and guide the complete integration of the employee in his new role, in his work team and in the organizational environment.

The angel, in turn, by guiding the new employee in their integration process is exercising their leadership potential. This for the company is very good, because this experience is accrediting you to be a future manager and assume strategic leadership positions in the organizational structure. The company is creating, in its own operation, a school of leaders.

Talent Retention

As the integration process is carried out in a structured and systemic way for the employee’s engagement in the company’s culture, easing them with a sense of commitment and belonging, it reduces the time it takes for them to start delivering real value to the business. This, as well as the reward model based on objective data and fair criteria, also significantly diminishes one of the biggest problems for companies: the voluntary shutdown rate of effective employees and the best talent.

Reduction of Turnover Rate

Turnover is the turnover rate of professionals within the company. The proper integration process, making clear how the organization works, the strategic objectives of the business, what are its tasks, its goals to be met, the right people to monitor its performance, brings security to the new employee who will achieve more quickly its full working potential. This generates a positive impression, strengthens the bond of professionals with the company, which contributes so that they do not want to leave the work environment. Consequently, the turnover rate has a significant reduction in.

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