Onboarding VDX People – Part 2

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Customized Tracks According to The Company’s Need

VDX People’s Onboarding process allows companies to customize tracks and insert specific integration packages according to their strategic objectives and market segment. A health company would have a structured routine of patient data security, emergency protocols, standards of hygiene of environments, procedures for asepsis of instruments, among others specific to its area of operation.

On the other hand, a school institution, according to its pedagogical proposal, could insert teachers’ manuals from different levels of teaching, staff manual, family manual. A banking institution, own standards of customer data security, customer service, services and benefits specific to the institution.

Process Standardization and Elimination of Rework

VDXPeople’s onboarding model is also programmed for HR and managers to standardize the integration process on the general and common aspects of organizational culture and behavioral skills, as well as to replicate the common operational tactics of technical skills essential to functions and positions with some affinity, enabling the company to have a repertoire of onboarding models ready to integrate new employees. This minimizes the need to create templates of procedures and routines for each new hire, eliminating the cost, not only financial, but also operational, that every avoidable rework causes. The tool loads and organizes in the employee calendar all activities related to it, based on the company’s onboarding proposal.

Constant feedback

The model is programmed to provide constant feedback so that those responsible for management are aware, in real time, of how the integration practice is developing. With concrete data from the execution process, the manager can recognize the performances according to the established goals, the executions with excellence, praise them and even reward them in view of more relevant results. Likewise, be aware of unsatisfactory performances, analyze their causes with employees, so that they also

perform at the desired level to realize their work potential as soon as possible.


What our platform delivers

The platform has integration templates with more than 100 tasks for the first 90 days of the employee. General models for adherence to the values and behaviors of organizational culture and specific models for the best performance in each position and functions.

The Software comes with standard model for the employee to know the values of organizational culture, business strategies, administrative and tactical-operational procedures, the networking trail and “learning and developement”.

Easily customizable platform, allows companies to customize tracks according to their strategic objectives and market tracking.

Each employee has an agenda with daily activities, their short-term goals, the time of their duration to organize their week during the first ninety days. And each activity has a specific time for its completion according to its complexity.

The platform automatically triggers a reminder email to the employee if they are pending in their task schedule before the manager is notified. Later, the manager and angel are notified if any tasks have not been completed, also via automatic email.

After each module and weekly, the employee sends their feedback so that managers, HR and their Angel know if he is being welcomed. The software also makes room for the developer to suggest new activities for their onboarding.

The platform also allows HR and managers to automatically reuse onboarding models for new employees.

Contributor, manager and angel upload their professional Linkedin profiles to the platform.

At the end of Onboarding the employee receives a digital certificate of completion (90-day Plan for High Performance).

Lead your employees to high performance and make your company stronger.

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